Winners take time to relish their work,knowing that scaling the mountains is what makes the

- "Danis Waistley"

Dear Parents,

D Magic : D- DREAM



The compiled project accomplished by the volatile reaction of these three wonder words creates “D MAGIC”.

We, at D MAGIC promise to provide you not a mere boring class, but... ‘A PLATFORM’ . A platform to create ! A platform to discover your hidden potential to strive for the best.

The dream to wear the white apron with the stethoscope around your neck is not far, neither is the hope to put on the smart engineered cap built with bits of hopes and aspirations.

We trust in originality and INSOMNIA of the running mind.

Our most premiere aim would be to “DEMOLISH YOUR PHOBIA” - your phobia of Science.

Science can be your best friend and we will make sure it ties its your bond with you covalently.

Tricks filled classes added to the charm with the most trusted and confident faculties you could ever dream of.

To be the “best amongst the Best” will remain our goal forever.

Shri Kamakhya PrasadnAgarwalla(Bhoot)

--Managing Director



“ Don’t wait for the perfect moment,Take the moment and make it Perfect ”.

- "Zoey Sayward"

Dear Parents,

To simply set up a building and To set up an institution that promises to bear the torch illuminating the dreams engraved in the hearts of the budding minds are two totally different subjects. And this very fact makes the whole world of difference.

I feel blessed that I have been able to lay such a project that respects dreams and instills magic in its very thought of inception creating “ D MAGIC ”. Me and My team of elite colleagues will do our level best to make it a success and our success lies in the promises of each of our Shining star...Our students..... THE “ GEN NEXT ”........ WHOM WE SOON WILL TURN INTO EXCELLENT DOCTORS AND ENGINEERS OFFERING TO THE SOCIETY A CLASSIC RANGE OF SOCIAL CITIZENS.

Sh. Hanuman Prasad Sharma(Director)


Our Vision is to grow beyond leaps and bounds as an institution of par excellence in the arena of entrance coaching and to improvise everything required for boosting and enlightening the endeavour of students to attain scholastic excellence and for successfully facing and competition with impeccable impunity.

Our Mission is to perspire for the augmentation of the aspiration of even the average students to climb the pinnacle with utmost diligence and maximum dexterity. This institution with the motto "Learning with Tricks" continue to be the leading provider of entrance coaching programmes of the highest quality to those students who have the potential and motivation to become professionals who will be able to contribute towards professional excellence.